Bali – World’s Best International Travel Destination

If you have been looking for a suitable destination for your next holiday trip, we would suggest you go to Bali without any doubt. Why? Read below and we tell you how Bali is the most eligible destination for a holiday trip this season.

Declared as the World’s #1 Best Destination in 2017 By Tripadvisor, Bali is the only Asian destination ever to receive this award. A tropical destination that is incredibly beautiful with the wide variety of possibilities to explore, Bali has everything to offer that you would want for a perfect Holiday.

Why to chose Bali ? Here are the 10 reason you need to know.

1.) A paradise destination for romantic nights and Honeymoon couples

Loaded with exotic villas, gorgeous sunset and sunrise views along with numerous other marvelous experiences of nature, hospitality, and privacy, Bali is one of the best places to travel as a couple or to celebrate loving moments of Honeymoon.

A couple at Bali beach


2.) Island of Gods is full of ancient mystical temples

Bali is often called as Island Of Gods as it is the land of thousands of temples and various gods that are worshiped every day by Balinese-Hindus who are unique and different from Hindus in India and are extremely dedicated to their religion.

A Temple in Indonesia

3.) Nature’s warmth at active volcanoes and lava lakes

Home to popular Mounts Agung and Batur-the two active volcanic peaks, Bali gives an opportunity for adventurers to witness not only the splendid views while on their way to these warm peaks. It also offers an everlasting memory of watching the sunrise from the peak of it.

Bali- Volcano

4.) An unending list for adventure sport lovers.

If you are someone who gets high on the rush of adrenaline then Bali has an unending list of things that you try to get that heart pumping and adrenaline rushing. With affordable adventure sports and outdoor activities like Kite Surfing, White Water Rafting, Surfing, trekking and much more Bali is the dream place for adventure lovers.

Bali Adventure Sports

5.) Life underwater is different, slow and immersive.

Considered as the ‘Amazon of the Seas’ because of its underwater biodiversity, Bali sits right in the middle of world’s richest waters with nearly 500+ species of corals, numerous turtles and more than 2000 species of fish. Indulge yourself in the life underwater where time moves slow and elegantly.

Bali - Snorkelling

6.) Get pampered with exotic massages and Spa.

Bali is well known around the world for its masseurs are the best in spas. A massage is a must have for anyone who visits Bali massage. Luxury spas around Bali offer various types of massage with essential oils at no additional cost and post a relaxing massage a lot of them offer you a delicious tea as well.

7.) Luxury in cheap here with exotic villas and resorts that cost nothing

Beautiful home-stays with swimming pools and gorgeous gardens along with 5-star level hospitality comes at a mere fraction of the cost. Build for luxury most of the good home stays do include free breakfast and provide room cleaning services on daily basis at no extra cost.

Bali - Resorts

8.) Rice terraces and beauty of nature around them

The Iconic mountain rice terraces were been developed back in the 9th century as part of an irrigation system. Recognized by UNESCO, places like Subak are a fine example of self-sustaining and a virtually perfect model of eco-farming are more than just a photograph.

Bali - Rice Terraces

9.) Warm smiles and generous faces speaks for hospitality and balinese culture

Artistic enough with multiple forms of traditional dance, handicrafts and modern art forms found nowhere else Bali has a culture with myriad sides to it. Despite the variety of aspects of culture, the uniformity of smiles on the faces of Balinese locals doesn’t go unnoticed. With locals always in for a chat and eager to help you, people at Bali will treat you like family and you will feel welcomed and at ease straight away.

Bali - Culture

10.) A heaven for all type of food lovers

Doesn’t matter what type of a foodie you are, whether you love seafood, vegetarian, raw or vegan, Bali has it all for you. With a wide variety of delicious local cuisine that too super affordable, Bali is a place to spoil your taste buds with a number of food items.

Bali - Food

Aren’t these reasons enough to make you drool over for this awesome destination?

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